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Information Overloaded

“Blipfoto” – My New Guilty Pleasure

February 18, 2009 · 2 Comments · authentic audience, Connections, Uncategorized

I took a photography course last fall from Noel Chenier and wondered how I could motivate myself to keep taking pictures to practice what I learned.

Well, folks, my lovely network on Twitter came through again.  Someone wrote about a site called blipfoto.

Blipfoto allows a person to post one photo each day.  The catch is that the photo posted must be taken on that same day.  You can include a description of the shot or even add random comments like a regular blog.

Here is what I love about this site:

  • simplicity
  • friendly, welcoming members
  • beautifully captured images

I am carrying my camera with me everywhere now…trying to capture the perfect blip!  Here is a link to my blipfoto site.

My Latest Blip



  • Jacques Cool

    That picture of Fredericton’s pedestrian bridge is SUPERB! Great shot!

  • Gail

    I love the blipfoto site. I will try using that this year in my Journalism class. My students can never seem to select their one best picture. This would be a good way to force them to do just that and get it done the same day. Thanks for the tip.

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