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Information Overloaded

Move over glue, and bristol board…hello Glogster!

September 28, 2008 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

My daughter, who is in the 8th grade, was making an autobiographical poster of herself as a part of an English assignment.  As she hacked up her magazines and printed pictures off the computer to paste on her project, I couldn’t help wondering if what I was watching would someday be a lost art.

Tonight, as I was reading comments posting on a social networking site, a lady from the US posted a link about a site called Glogster where you can make online interactive posters that can incorporate sound, video and lots of cool design features.

It is worth taking a moment to view some of the compelling student examples that are listed!  I especially love the Itzak Stern one.

And I can’t help thinking that if my daughter’s poster was digital, I would not still be vacuuming bits of Tiger Beat.



  • Neil Stephenson

    I love Gloster! My students just started a project creating a summary of 15 events in Canadian history using it. They are taking a perspective (anglophone or francophone) and using Glogster to create a multi-media timeline hightlighting the flow of events. Love the site!

  • Wendy Thomas

    That is a great idea Neil. I must pass that on to some of the teachers here in the District.

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